AlterAction is a trademark of Alter Ego Graphic Productions.

Founded in 1989, Alter Ego offers graphic production and high quality commercial printing services to our clients.

We also specialize in the lenticular print field with AlterAction technology. This innovative technology has expanded the range of services to provide distinctive and avant-garde products in accordance with current trends.

With the lenticular technology a simple image comes alive; it is animated, or morphs and reaches a third dimension without accessories or artifi- cial means. The AlterAction lenticular process developed by Alter Ego enables you to create a product which captivates and enchants you. Alter Ego has mastered the lenticular process to obtain the effect expected by maximizing its benefits.

We effectively control every parameter of the lenticular process in house to ensure the greatest quality is supplied. Whether it is for a small or large quantity order; from designing to 3D imaging, interlacing, high resolution printing and finishing, it is all done under one roof.

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