Visual Effect – Morphing

Progressive transformation/change of an element
This effect is a good representation for Before & After or Old & New concepts. Also used for an image changing shape into another.
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Lens Orientation

lentille_verticalVERTICAL – The effect is apparent when you pivot the lenticular image from side to side (left to right or visa-versa), or at a lateral angle to the ob- server. This is the only orientation used for the 3D effect, and for large formats or items posted on the wall. (Example: Posters and counter Ads) Effect is viewed as you walk by.

lentille_horizontalHORIZONTAL – The effect is visible when the lenticular is pivoted in a horizontal manner (up and down or visa-versa). Usually handheld items in smaller format.



Files Requirements


  • Images or photos: Minimum of 300 dpi (pixels/inch) in its final format
  • Film or video: High Definition (HD)


  • Attach the character font to be used or send as vector.
  • Include the images and illustrations related to the documents.


  • Small fine fonts (less than 10 points) and fine lines are difficult to reproduce.
  • A deep colour contrast between two successive images leaves behind a ghosting of the darker image onto the lighter one (making an undesired phantom effect).


  • Adobe Photoshop (psd) multi-layer.
  • One layer is for the background, another layer for the first image of the morph and then another layer for the final image of the morph effect.
  • Logos, text and other graphic elements must appear on a separate layer than those of the morphing images.
  • To obtain the best result with this effect; the transforming images should have a similar shape and the background remain the same.

Die Cut

A lenticular sheet can be die cut as per your requirements. A dieline as Illustrator file in vector should be supplied.

Back Lite

The lenticular sheet filters light and therefore can be back like for a spectacular effect.

Large Format

Large format lenticular images are also available. This format is best used for exhibitions or shows, and large interior or exterior spaces. The resolution required is a minimum of 100 ppi. The maximum size is 4 feet x 8 feet, bigger formats can be done but assembled as a mosaic (tiling/ montage).