Visual Effect – 3D

Depth perception illusion on a flat surface
The visual elements are positioned on several frames to create the illusion of a third dimension. With this type of effect, we can see the depths of each element and superimposition of elements.
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Lens Orientation

lentille_verticalVERTICAL – The effect is apparent when you pivot the lenticular image from side to side (left to right or visa-versa), or at a lateral angle to the observer.



Files Requirements


  • Images or photos: Minimum of 300 dpi (pixels/inch) in its final format
  • Film or video: High Definition (HD)


  • Attach the character font to be used or send as vector.
  • Include the images and illustrations related to the documents.


  • Small fine fonts (less than 10 points) and fine lines are difficult to reproduce.
  • A deep colour contrast between two successive images leaves behind a ghosting of the darker image onto the lighter one (making an undesired phantom effect).


  • Photoshop (psd or tif). Each layer or group of layers corresponds to a specific level of depth.
  • Anticipate a 1/2″ lose of margin (bleed) on the right and left side of the image and a 1/8″ margin lose at the top and bottom of your image.
  • Avoid a solid background colour. The Background must be textured or have a pattern to accentuate the depth effect.
  • Logos, text and main graphic elements must be on the principal focal layer/level to ensure clear legibility.
  • Verify that each layer is complete in itself. Each layer has a certain amount of displacement in comparison to its other layers, so it is important that once you close cut an item in your image, that you ensure that the layer in which you removed the item is filled in, as if the item was never there.

Die Cut

A lenticular sheet can be die cut as per your requirements. A dieline as Illustrator file in vector should be supplied.

Back Lite

The lenticular sheet filters light and therefore can be back like for a spectacular effect.

Large Format

Large format lenticular images are also available. This format is best used for exhibitions or shows, and large interior or exterior spaces. The resolution required is a minimum of 100 ppi. The maximum size is 4 feet x 8 feet, bigger formats can be done but assembled as a mosaic (tiling/ montage).