Visual Effects

Depth perception illusion on a flat surface.
The visual elements are positioned on several frames to create the illusion of a third dimension. With this type of effect, we can see the depths of each element and superimposition of elements.

Scrolling of images/frames in sequence that seem like a video.
Animation is a sequence of images/frames that can mimic movement like a video depending on the number of frames. A lenticular animation effect can include 12 to 64 images/frames.

Flip from one image to the next with alternating images.
Flip the most commonly used effect is a combination of 2 or 3 images that allows you to view the individual images from a different angle, either as you flip a card or pass by a poster.

Progressive transformation/change of an element.
This effect is a good representation for Before & After or Old & New concepts. Also used for an image changing shape into another.

Making an image appear to move closer (bigger) or further away (smaller).
This effect is ideal to attract attention on a new product, character, logo or message. This effect is perfect to highlight a new product placed amongst other products on a shelf.

Multiple Effects
Combination effects to get even more amazing results.
Examples combine Zoom and Animation, 3D and Flip (also called 4D) or 3D and animation.