Lenticular technology brings images to life!

Lenticular technology is a high resolution imaging process that can bring printed images closer to reality by incorporating depth perception (3D), a change in image (flip), or motion (animation) effects.

Lenticular technology – an interactive medium!

People passing in front of a lenticular image often come back on their steps to review the sequence… the animation comes to life when people are moving in front of it. The simple fact that they are going back and forth in front of the image, makes this medium very interactive.

The lenticular image is a powerful marketing tool.

This interactive image brings out emotions and feeling to the consumer; making lenticular printing a popular tool for marketing managers and advertising agencies. A lenticular product is particularly effective for point of sale (POS) advertising. Attractive lenticular images appeal to the consumer and directly influence their purchasing decisions.

The lenticular visual effects available are:

Depth perception illusion on a flat surface.

Scrolling of images/frames in sequence that seem like a video

Flip from one image to the next with alternating images.

Progressive transformation/change of an element.

Making an image appear to move closer (bigger) or further away (smaller).

Multiple Effects
Combination effects to get even more amazing results.